Asia BioBusiness understands the value of its most valuable asset, its personnel. As a consulting agency where client interaction and knowledge transfer is so essential, our expertise and experience across our practice areas is our key asset.

Professor Paul Teng—Chairman

Professor Teng is the Chairman of the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA). He is also Dean of Graduate Programs at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Professor Teng was formerly Deputy Director-General (Research) of the World Fish Center based in Malaysia. He also worked for Monsanto Company (1999–2002) as Asia Pacific Director of Science & Technology, and then Asia Vice-President for Public Affairs.

Prior to this he was with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Philippines, as its Program Leader for Cross-ecosystems Research, (1991–1998) and its Integrated Pest Management Coordinator (1987-1990). Between 1978-1987, Professor Teng was at the University of Minnesota, U.S.A., respectively as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, then Professor of Plant Pathology. Between 1989-90 he was at the University of Hawaii, as Professor and Department Chair, Plant Pathology. He has also been adjunct professor at three Asian universities and two U.S. universities.

Dr Andrew Powell—CEO

Andrew Powell graduated from the University of Edinburgh with honours in Biology and obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Calgary, Canada. He has held research and academic positions at the University of Guelph, Canada, the National Institute for Health Sciences in Tokyo, and Tsukuba, Japan and the National University of Singapore.

From 1994 to 2005 he has worked as a consultant assisting a wide range of clients (e.g. Quintiles, Syngenta, Agrium, CIDA, Enterprise Ireland, GTZ, CropLife Asia, Canadian Government) in their activities in biotechnology across East Asia. He founded Asia BioBusiness with Professor Paul Teng in 2005.

He has considerable experience in stakeholder dialogues, facilitations and public fora across the region and in Australia, and is invited regularly to chair conference sessions at global technology conferences.

Over the last 10 years he has been active in area of Risk Communication, conducting training and offering advice to both public and private sector clients. He is the co-author with Dr Andrew Roberts of “The Lowdown: Risk Communication, Dodging the Bullet in Controversy and Crisis” published by Creative Content Digital, London and available via iTunes, Audible, and as an eBook (launch September 2010).

He is on the Advisory Committee of The Scientific American / BioIndustry Organization Worldview Publication. He is also on the advisory board for Syngenta’s Rice Bowl Index.


Professor Ian Maddox

Professor Ian Maddox has over 40 years of experience in food and industrial biotechnology. Originally from the UK, Ian has spent his entire academic career at the Massey University in New Zealand, initially at the Palmerston North Campus and then at the Albany Campus on the North Shore of Auckland. He has held visiting professorships at the Inter University Center for Biotechnology, Bandung, Indonesia; Institut fur Verfahrenstechnik, Brennstofftechnik und Umwetttechnik, Technische Universitat Wien, Vienna, Austria; International Center for Biotechnology, Osaka, Japan. He is an Assistant Editor of the World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology and a Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Fermentation and Bioengineering.

Ian is also on the Scientific Advisory Boards for, LanzaTech, Parnell, Auckland, Cobalt Biofuels, Mountain View, California., and on the board of, Drapac Ltd, Auckland.

Dr Margarita Escaler

A biotechnologist by training, she obtained her undergraduate degree from Imperial College of Science and Technology in London, UK in 1995. She then continued her studies at a postgraduate level in East Anglia where she obtained her PhD from the John Innes Center in 1999. Her work at the Virology department contributed to broadening the current knowledge in the field of plant virus-host interactions. After 11 years in Europe, she returned home to the Philippines, where she joined the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA), a non-for-profit international organization that facilitates the transfer of new agricultural biotechnologies to developing countries. She spent six and a half years with ISAAA and helped establish and conceptualize its global knowledge sharing initiative and coordinated and managed its network of Biotechnology Information Centers in Asia, Latin America and Africa. In that capacity she worked with a number of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) dealing with social and development issues that impact economic development.

Most recently, she was a Program Director at Evolve24, a US-based business analytics and research firm specializing in the measurement of perception, reputation and risk. She analyzed traditional and social media to determine clients’ overall information landscape and provide quantitative metrics that let clients measure and report the value of their marketing and communication efforts.

Margarita has skills in both scientific and non-technical communication including publications in peer-reviewed academic journals, development of semi-technical and popular reading materials, presentations in international and regional conferences and workshops. She also has experience in project management, fund raising and human resource development including language instruction and management training. She has extensive travel experience, fluency of several languages and excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Margarita is a native of the Philippines but currently lives with her family in North Carolina.

Dr Guy Heathers

Guy obtained his PhD in cardiovascular research from the University of Bath, UK and completed post-doctoral research at Washington University Medical School, St. Louis, USA. Guy moved into the commercial sector by joining Hoffmann-La Roche as a Senior Scientist in the cardiovascular drug discovery department in New Jersey, USA. After almost seven years and progression through drug discovery departments of Metabolic Diseases, Bronchopulmonary Research, and Inflammation & Autoimmune Diseases, Guy moved into the business development arena with a move to Cancer Research Campaign Technology Ltd in London in 1995.

After being instrumental in the completion of a number of successful business development projects, including the licensing of the BRCA2 gene and the establishment of the biotech start-ups Cyclacel Ltd in 1996 and KuDOS Pharmaceuticals Ltd in 1997, Guy was promoted to Head of Business Development. Subsequently Guy successfully expanded the business of Cancer Research Campaign Technology Ltd (CRV), initially in the UK and latterly in Europe, by establishing the subsidiary company, Cancer Research Ventures Ltd in 1998. Transferring to CRV as Chief Operating Officer, Guy completed the establishment of two more biotech start-ups, Crusade Labs Ltd in 1999 and Qugen Therapeutics Pte Ltd in 2000.

In 2001, CRV joined forces with the National Cancer Centre of Singapore and Temasek Holdings Ltd of Singapore to form Biotech Research Ventures Pte Ltd (BRV) in order to bring biotechnology business development expertise and services to Singapore and the Asian region. In July 2001, Guy transferred from CRV to become BRV’s Chief Executive Officer where he was instrumental in the establishment and development of three more companies, Agenica Research Pte Ltd, Systome Therapeutics Pte Ltd and pSiOncology Pte Ltd.

After a three-year stint at BRV, Guy moved on to head Australian-based Gateway Capital Ltd, a biotechnology business development and investment company, as Chief Executive Officer. Gateway managed the business and corporate development of a number of early stage biotech companies in Australia with a view to listing these on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Guy returned to Singapore in 2006 to work with Asia BioBusiness, a consultancy group of biotech business development specialists and thereafter on two major projects. One of which Guy was the CEO for a new Medtech company in Singapore, Amaranth Medical Pte Ltd. developing bioresorbable stents for use in peripheral vascular disease, and the other as Australasian Business Development representative for Cancer Research Technology Ltd. In the former role as CEO for Amaranth, Guy was instrumental in closing a Series A investment round of almost USD 10 million from Singapore’s Bio One investment company and a leading Silicon Valley Venture Capital firm, Charter Life Sciences. In the latter role, Guy was a critical part of the team that applied for and received a total investment of AUD 140 million over 7 years to establish and operate Australia’s first translational drug discovery and development organization to produce pre-clinical drug candidates to treat cancer, Cancer Therapeutics CRC Pty Ltd, under the Federal Australian government’s CRC grant scheme.

Currently, Guy is the Chief Business Officer for Cancer Therapeutics, based in Melbourne, responsible for the licensing in of drug targets from academic research institutes in Australia and around the world and the licensing out of cancer drug candidates to major biotech and pharma companies worldwide, and also doubles as the Director of Technology Development at the National Cancer Centre, Singapore.

Dr Emma Philpott

Emma is currently director of Key IQ Ltd, based in the UK. Key IQ specializes in helping companies commercialise emerging technologies, particularly the technologies associated with clean energy. Prior to this, Emma worked in both Italy and Singapore in the nanotechnology and clean energy areas. Emma has extensive experience of working with large and small companies, universities and governments.

Emma graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Natural Sciences and then gained a PhD in ceramic composites while working for the UK Ministry of Defence.

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