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Operation Waiheke—Case Studies Part 2

Posted on November 16, 2012 by admin No Comments

Continuing our look at Risk Communication case studies, in the run up to our Risk Communication workshop with NZBIO and CFRCANZ we take a look at an unusual incident in New Zealand in 2005 that threatened an entire industry, yet turned into a triumph of effective (risk) communication by MAF (now MPI). — Hoaxes can […]

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Risk Communication & Biosecurity Strategy

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In May 2012, Asia Biobusiness presented the following article at the Plant Biosecurity CRC Science Exchange 2012 meeting in Perth, Australia. — COMMUNICATION OF BIOSECURITY RISK involves engaging a wide range of stakeholders with divergent levels of knowledge, risk perceptions, attitudes, attention spans and critically, dispositions to trust. Such variables create challenges for communicators looking to build […]

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Risk Communication—Case Studies

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Ahead of the ABB and CFRCANZ Risk Communication Workshop with NZBIO in New Zealand at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland on 12–13 December, Dr Andrew Roberts selects some risk communication case studies (including a great one from New Zealand) , both successful and spectacular failures, and analyses where things went right and where things […]

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RIsk Communication Prospectus 2012–13

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ABB is pleased to publish its Risk Communication Prospectus for the coming year. We give an overview of our approach, strategies and optional modules as part of the education & training programme offered under our Knowledge Pl+s system. Download your copy from: ABB Risk Comm Prospectus 2012–13

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Risk Communication Workshop with NZBIO and CFRCANZ

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Society has become extremely risk averse, where fear sells news. The consequence of this is increasing media attention towards perceived risks associated with novel technologies in food, agriculture, health and the environment. Every science-intensive organisation has to manage risk. There is a need to build trust and engage with stakeholders, reduce concern and communicate benefits […]

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Beyond the Deficit Model

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Communication professionals working in agricultural biotechnology are faced with a laundry list of problems when communicating with the public. Not least of these problems concern the technical difficulties of explaining what is a complex issue to a public overwhelmed with jargon, multiple messages and a whole host of other pressing issues competing for attention. Compounding […]

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Frankenstein Food Fallacy

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Frankenfood is not all it is portrayed to be...

Guest Opinion Piece by Colin Jarvis When Mary Shelley wrote her book, Frankenstein, in 1818 she could not have imagined that we would still be talking about it today, 200 years later. We all know the story, don’t we? An evil Professor creates a monster called Frankenstein from bits of dead bodies. The monster then […]

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Science Exchange 2012, Perth

Posted on May 24, 2012 by admin No Comments

Introduction At the CRC Plant Biosecurity Science Exchange in Perth, May 22–25, AsiaBiobusiness was kindly allowed to present a poster on “Risk Communication & Organizational Trustworthiness Key Parts of Biosecurity Risk Management Strategies.” We would like to that all at CRCPB (visit their website), especially Chairman Professor John Lovett who extended a kind invitation to […]

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Food Security & Risk Communication

Posted on March 2, 2012 by admin No Comments

INTRODUCTION The food crises in 2007–2008 exposed the vulnerability and fragility of the current global food system and highlighted the increasing problem of urban food security and the need to effectively communicate to publics about food security issues. These represent a range of risk scenarios that the three paradigms of risk communication are well suited […]

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Urban Food Security

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