Asia BioBusiness has worked with a long and distinguished list of clients from a broad range of organizations and fields.

Client List

  • Malaysian multinational, Kuala Lumpur
  • Inter American Development Bank Washington/Government of Panama
  • National Innovation Agency, Thailand
  • Ministry of Education, Singapore
  • International Life Science Council, USA
  • United State Department of Agriculture, USA
  • APEC High Level Policy Dialogue, Singapore
  • AusBiotech / BioInnovations SA, Australia
  • ISAAA, The Philippines
  • IRRI, Golden Rice Project, The Philippines
  • Biotechnology Corporation, Malaysia
  • CropLife Asia, Singapore
  • DAI, Washington
  • Canadian Embassy, Singapore
  • Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore
  • North American Biotechnology Initiative (NABI)
  • UNDP/MONRE (Malaysia)
  • Circa, Dublin, Ireland
  • Asia Productivity Organisation, Tokyo, Japan
  • Tate and Lyle PLC, Chicago and London
  • Agricultural Biotechnology Council of Australia – ongoing
  • CropLife Australia
  • Plant BioSecurity Cooperative Research Centre, Canberra
  • LifeScience Queensland, Brisbane




“The courses on Risk Communication offered by Asia BioBusiness of Singapore offer an outstanding introduction to the main issues.   As may be expected for a company operating in many countries in Asia and Latin America, the principals are acutely aware of how cultural differences and sensitivities may impact the training and color the delivery of messages concerning risk.”

Professor Julian Adams, Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, University of Michigan

On the course “Risk Communication & Strategic Risk Management for Bioscience Leaders ” conducted for NZBIO May 2013

‘This course will change the way we communicate about risk”

Senior Manager at NZ Crown Research Organisation.

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