Risk Communication & Biobusiness

Challenges facing organizations in Asia-Pacific Executive summary of presentation given at NZBIO Conference 2013 by Dr Andrew Powell CEO, Asia Biobusiness. Over the last 30 years the science of risk communication has been applied as part of efforts to communicate risks to audiences in a more effective manner. Demand for information on risks affecting the public […]

Biorisk Communication—8th A-PBA Conference April 22, 2013

Asia Biobusiness (ABB) ran a pre-conference workshop on “Risk Communication—Effective Communication in High Stress, Biothreat & Bioemergencies” at the 8th A-PBA Biosafety Association  Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Twenty enthusiastic participants, all new to risk communication, took part in a three-hour interactive session focussing on biorisk communication during outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases, and the […]

Operation Waiheke—Case Studies Part 2

Continuing our look at Risk Communication case studies, in the run up to our Risk Communication workshop with NZBIO and CFRCANZ we take a look at an unusual incident in New Zealand in 2005 that threatened an entire industry, yet turned into a triumph of effective (risk) communication by MAF (now MPI). — Hoaxes can […]

Risk Communication—Case Studies

Ahead of the ABB and CFRCANZ Risk Communication Workshop with NZBIO in New Zealand at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland on 12–13 December, Dr Andrew Roberts selects some risk communication case studies (including a great one from New Zealand) , both successful and spectacular failures, and analyses where things went right and where things […]

Food Security & Risk Communication

INTRODUCTION The food crises in 2007–2008 exposed the vulnerability and fragility of the current global food system and highlighted the increasing problem of urban food security and the need to effectively communicate to publics about food security issues. These represent a range of risk scenarios that the three paradigms of risk communication are well suited […]