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Ag Biotech

Our core practice area, ABB has focussed on agricultural biotechnology in Asia-Pacific since its introduction, providing expert bespoke consulting, advocacy and training to a range of public and private sector clients.

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Knowledge Pl+s

Our training programmes under our Knowledge Pl+s system provide the latest market and sector intelligence.

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Executive Briefings

ABB’s Executive briefings are targeted at senior executives who need a rapid update or snapshot of the latest issues in a number of areas of biotechnology.

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Biotech Communications

ABB provides a wealth of experience and expertise in leading communication strategies from product & policy development, to launch and pubic defense. We understand how to manage concerns, build trust and tailor strategies according to cultural sensitivities.

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Your Partner in Asia

In Asia’s Agriculture, Biotechnology & Food markets, Asia Biobusiness (ABB) provides the strategy, management, communication and training to make complex developmental and commercial initiatives a resounding success.
Serving governments, intergovernmental agencies and the private sector, ABB has an proven track record of strategic project management, consulting, and education & training.
Leveraging our extensive networks on the ground in the region built up over decades, ABB offers highly specialized consulting services in risk communication complemented by education & training in innovation, business sustainability and food security.

The ABB Offering

Asia BioBusiness develops human resource capability through its training courses on commercialization of intellectual property in both biomedical and agricultural biotechnology. These courses are available to public sector researchers and the private sector. One of the most popular offerings is a course on Risk Communication, that is effective communication to deal with risk, uncertainty, and low trust situations.