Asia BioBusiness is a small, nimble Singapore-based company which works in the broad life science arena but with a special focus on agriculture and food. We assist in all the processes for taking a product from ideation to the market. What differentiates ABB from others is our long-term regional presence, our global networks, building on our strong relationships with key players in both private and public sectors.

We work with people who are working FOR people. We firmly believe that the innovation process is more than just about the development of a healthy bottom line. BioBusiness should empower stakeholders to improve their access to food, nutrition, health and provide a clean environment so that they move towards a more sustainable and equitable society.

While as a business we work with both large and small private sector entities along the agri-food supply chain, governments and NGOs, our ultimate goal is to ensure that our work benefits groups like the hundreds of millions of smallholder farmers and urban consumers in our region.

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